Dr Richie Achukwu

Dr Richie Achukwu

Richie Achukwu is an author, an inspirational speaker and a group coach.

Worked as the marketing and customer service manager for TRANEX courier Nigeria.

Consulted for Shell petroleum Nigeria through Sullivan and Sullivan on conflict resolution and de-confliction. As a partner at Sullivan and Sullivan, he was able to finish CNPC (Chinese National Petroleum Company) seismic project in record time without a downtime: Part of his job was to rescue kidnapped expatriates.

The benefits of his work is evidenced by strings of awards that he has received for his community development work, leadership work, youth development and his work in broadcasting; a radio veteran.

Richie is a member of the society of Neuro-linguistic programming, Comensa (coaches and mentors association of South Africa) a certified business practitioner of motivational Maps. Alumni of expert academy with Brendon Burchard, A strategic intervention coach, an intervention strategy founded by Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, A Member of Global Speakers Federation, a doctorate student at the Logos University, specializing in leadership and management. Finally, it may interest you to know that Richie was born to unlock the potentials of mankind and open them up to possibilities.

Media experience as a tool: In South Africa, Richie speaks now and then as a guest on, Africa Awake (Africa Magic, DSTV) Rainbow FM, South Africa, VUT FM, On the free to air television channel, he speaks on the CTL channel. In Nigeria, his radio show, soul lift is aired on Love FM Port Harcourt and Abuja, with over a million audience. In Liberia, The national radio of Liberia calls him every Wednesday to motivate and inspire Liberians.

He reaches a wide range of audience with his life transforming messages. A taste of his depth and color has been experienced by strong personalities, government agencies, emerging entrepreneurs etc.

Richie holds an honorary doctorate in Theology and leadership; BA in philosophy; and masters in NLP. Richie Achukwu holds a Masters Facilitator certificate as a certified I CAN MAXWELL Leadership Development Coach and Mentor facilitator.

An encounter with Dr Richie may encourage you to create a dent in the universe.

His philosophies: What you focus on; negative or positive will expand. What you argue for you will keep.

Some of his Key motivational messages/seminars are:

You are a brand

Leadership branding

Forty commandments of personal branding

The making of a champion

Soar like an eagle

Have a mind shift

The secret of lasting success

Thirty commandments of life

Developing the brand called you

Maximize your potential

Selling against competition

You are wired for success

Why am I here: your life, purpose, your choice

Unleash the lion in you